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时间:2020/12/24 12:23:31
Regarding the car reverse camera, there are currently three main interfaces on the market as follows:

1. There are generally three types. One is that the AV interface is the same as the video audio cable connector on the home DVD, as shown below.

2.BMW 4 pin connector

3. Reversing camera 4 pin aviation extension cable

Above are the three kinds of the car reverse camera connectors. You can choose the suitable one you want. The AV and the BMW 4 pin connectors are generally for cars, BMW 4 pin one is better; and the 4 pin aviation connector often used for truck, it is waterproof and the quality is good enough. It can add 10M 15M 30M cables for different big trucks.

We are the professional camera reverse parking systems factory. All above connectors are can be produced from our product lines. More news, please visit us: www.sz-safe.com

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